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RISC OS Banner Network
RISC OS Banner Network

RISC OS Web Counter is a free service for RISC OS users. We host both text-based and image-based counters.

Although we are here to provide a service for RISC OS sites, we do not mind if you use the counter on a non-RISC OS related site. The service is currently free for commercial and non-commercial sites and we do not require a link to our site.

The text based counter can be implemented onto your site either server side or client side, both have the same effect and appearance.

Example counter using server side:
Example counter using client side:

We have over 100 designs for images based counters which means you will easily find one to fit in with the design of your site.

Example image based counter:

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RISC OS Web Counter is used at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for the faliure of the system, or the non-displayal of counters, or the displayal of an incorrect number.